Last Occupiers Standing

occYou might have heard that Occupy’s dead. Certainly it’s changed. The large occupations of public space are gone, as are most of the marches. But the movement lives on through the work of groups like Occupy Bernal, which fights illegal home foreclosures in San Francisco’s southern neighborhoods. My piece for San Francisco magazine:

Housing justice organizations like the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment have been doing such work for years, but Occupy Bernal–like similar groups around the country, from Oakland to Minneapolis to Atlanta–has brought fresh bodies to the cause, along with a certain theatrical flair. It organized a bus tour of Peninsula mansions belonging to Wells Fargo board members, has occupied homes to stave off evictions, and is pushing for a moratorium on foreclosures in San Francisco. And when any San Francisco home goes up for auction, occupiers go to city hall to drown out the auctioneer with whistles and loud music.

Photo by Stian Rasmussen.