Jagari live!

Recently, a friend and I traveled to Zambia in search of lost rock stars. Sleepy, mostly unheralded Zambia had a vibrant rock scene in the 1970s, full of bands that cranked out fuzz-drenched tunes drawing from the Stones, Sabbath, and traditional African grooves in more or less equal measure. It was great music, and almost nobody outside of Zambia knows about it. So we decided to go there, looking for this buried treasure.

When we touched down in Lusaka, we didn’t know if we’d find anyone. Decades had passed; lots of these guys were dead. But a few of them are still around, and we found them. I’m writing a story about it so I’ll post the results later. For now, here’s a bit of footage from an appearance I made with one of these Zam rock pioneers, Emanuel Jagari Chanda, singer and songwriter for the WITCH, on Lusaka’s Radio Phoenix one morning.